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2 Pictures From My Garden!

As most of you know I am not a keen gardener but I took a couple of pictures in my garden last week so that I could finish off the film in my camera - the ones I took of DJ's life.  

But I am posting them to practice making pictures smaller for LJ - so, thank you beanbeans  the coding worked!



In further news (!) I have just got back from feeding the horses as Toni comes home today - it is raining ... so, guess who fell over!!!!!  Yes ... me!  Well, no injuries and at least it wasn't in front of James; so all good!

In yet more news I heard that today is officially the first day of summer!  Yes - on the news that is what was announced, as the first swans have hatched at Abbotsbury Swannery and that apparently means that summer is here ... when I was sprawled in the mud I did disagree.!!  For those who don't live in England here is a link to Abbotsbury Swannery 

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