Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Just Catching Up

Well it's very overcast here, but at least it's not raining. Mum used to say that today was a day with a "concrete sky", which is an apt name.

Yesterday I saw my brother and his wife ... after work they go for a walk and once in a while they come round this way and we stand in my front garden and chat. Apparently he has been diagnosed with some syndrome that has meant he has developed a few pre-cancerous lumps under the skin of his legs, so as well as chatting he asked if I could drive him to & from his treatments when he needs them. Claire passed her test 15 years ago, and hasn't friven since! So now just waiting to find the when & where ... but at least with the city we live in there are lots of good medical facilities. They pay health insurance otherwise I would know exactly where they were going.

This afternoon I want to do a bit of baking ... just some rock cakes, which are one of those very basic recipes that are still tasty.

And, before I head off to the kitchen -

21. Name someone you met through work. How is your life better for knowing them?

The person who is my best friend, Toni, is someone I met through work. When I was an osteopath she was a patient of mine, and our friendship just clicked.

Until coronovirus she has always been there for me, and for many years we lived only a few miles apart. So, yes she knows me better than most ... and I certainly know more about her and her worries than most people.

She taught me to ride, and she used to nag me into doing some handcraft ... I also learnt to care for geese, ducks & chickens ... so, yes, she has brought many layers to my life that have made things better.
Tags: daily meme, tim and claire, toni, weather

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