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Snowflake Challenge #10

Challenge #10

In your own space, write a love letter to Fandom in general, to a particular fandom, to a trope, a relationship, a character, creator, episode, or it could be your fandom friends. Share your love and squee as loud as you want to. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I had wondered who I would write to, but there again there was the one obvious answer. And, seeing as whta I wrote about in the previous Snowflake Challenge I decided I would go to the "obvious" answer. So, for those who know me, you will know who/what I mean ....

Dear James,

Thank you for more than I can say.  I first spotted you in one of the latter episodes of Buffy and you literally lept off the screen.  You were portraying 2 aspects of your Spike character, and both were different, yet believable - an amazing actor.  So I decided to watch to the end of the series.  And was really upse (I doubt it's a spoiler), but Spike died at the end of the series.  They re-showed the series and I watched it and was still upset to see you die.

So for the first time I decided to "put pen to paper" to give a better ending.  Yes, James, years of being told I couldn't write never really came to mind.  I tried to see if others felt like I did and discovered fandom and the internet.  So, do I thank you for all the time I have now wasted!  However in doing that I discovered fanfic web sites, and in doing that realised that "beta's" were available ... and in hunting for someone to help me come to terms with "your death" I found LiveJournal.  And found other people who loved your acting work ... and loved your singing.  Wow, a double win ... Ghost of the Robot was my next discovery.

As I started scribbling more in LJ I realised that I wanted to have other icons to decorate my page ... yes, I found the comms, but also decided to have a go at downloading an image and cutting it to the size I wanted to .... So, yet again, James I need to thank you for getting me to attempt artwork.  Over the last 10+ years I have continued to stretch myself, and have fun ... so thank you for giving me another hobby.

As I said, GotR was what I heard about, and then friends talked of your personal singing and concerts ... as well as your trips to England occasionally to perform to your fans.  So at the age of 46 I decided to go to my first ever music concert/gig ... so thank you for an amazing evening in London.  That evening could have gone on for ever!  Many of my friends were going to more than one event that you were doing on that visit, and I decided to stay in London, and then travel to Milton Keynes to get your autograph ... and when I was there I had my photo taken with you.  That split second was so special.  years of bullying has left me totally withdrawn, and unhappy about my looks etc.  Yet you made me feel special ... for that moment (and when you signed my autograph) you made me feel so important ... thank you.

I have seen you in other films, listened to you on Audio Books, f a few times and am always taken in by you ... not in the wrong sense, but you just make me part of that event.  Thank you so much.

So, James, you have given me new hobbies, and friends, both of which I would never have had without your portrayal of Spike.

I hope & pray that you realise how much love there is out in fandom for you ... how much pleasure & fun you have brought to so many.

Wishing you a special 2021
Love, Deborah

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