Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Feeling Better - Thank You

Well a lazy day and an early night has really helped, so I am going to try and catch up as well as do some icons for one of the challenges I have signed up for. That is another thing I have done in the last month or so is signing up for more than one challenge at a time.

I have 3 birthdays coming up, and have done a bit of shopping but need to see what I actually have. I just hope I have got enough as most shops are closed. Well all but one of those people will understand if they also get an IOU, however my Dad's sister has never accepted the virus ... her theory being that she doesn't know anyone who has died from it (an odd line to draw, really!). Still, Mum & Dad would be laughing as she is always someone who lives in her own bubble ... as a classic example I will just tell you that Mum asked her to be a bridesmaid and a few weeks later she answered by saying that yes, whe would love to be a bridesmaid if they would change the date, as it would be the "wrong time of the month for her" ... Yes, that's Auntie Joyce!!

Well I had better get on and try and get caught up with you all ... and then do some icons, but before I close I will do the next question ...

19. What life lessons are you most grateful for?
I have lots to thank Mum & Dad for, but one of those is that of not running up debts on randomw things ... ie you don't need a new dinner service if you still have plates, and can't afford one. So on months like I have had, I have not worried about other things ... yes, if a fridge dies, I buy one, but other things can wait.
Tags: auntie joyce, birthday, chronic fatigue syndrome, daily meme, shopping

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