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Snowflake Challenge #9

I am a couple of days late as I don't turn on the computer on Sundays, and yesterday I wasn't feeling 100%, so I am doing a catch up now -

Challenge #9

In your own space, brag about yourself. Tell us what things you've done that you're proud of; the things that make you the wonderful person you are. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I am never happy with anything I do however as many of you will know I was bullied at school ... not just by the girls I was with but by a couple of teachers ... so, to Miss Bodmin & to Mr Nolle let me say this ...

Miss Bodmin, you tried throwing me out of English lessons when I was 15, but one year later I got a grade B & a grade C in O levels. And, since the internet has been more popular I have managed to write some fanfics .... ithey may not be Shakespeare, but I have managed to write them ... and even had a few nice comments and Kudos over the years.  So, maybe I can't always spell things, and get sentances muddled; but there is no deed to try to refuse a child her education.

Mr Nolle. yes you thought I had promise when I copied with a pencil, but you never accepted that I am colourblind.  Well, sorry but I am ... which is a real pain.  But to not believe me when I got colours wrong is truly wrong.  And again fandom has taught me to use photo-editing stuff to make icons ... and I enjoy it (I made the one I am using).

So, not to brag - but despite teachers I have fun in fandom ... and yes, I can be involved.

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Tags: #9in, art, bullying, snowflake challenge, writing

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