Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Don't Think It Counts!

... My bar of chocolate that I have just eaten!!

Well I have had dinner, and done a 3 mile walk at a brisk pace, and after a long clinic session I decided the only answer was to eat chocolate!  So work + exercise eliminated those extra calories!

Hope you are all having as fun an afternoon as I have done so far!

Well, while on-line I will catch up with the meme ...

13. What would you miss if you stopped using your smartphone for 48 hours?
LOL - a) I don't have a smartphone, and b) there isn't web site I go to every time I turn on my computer (well except for LJ, of course!!).So, no, it doesn't even worry me if my phone isn't even charged up, as there is no one who I "need" to be in contact with.

Right, now I must look and see what today's Snowflake is
Tags: daily meme, exercise, work

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