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Snowflake Challenge #6

Challenge #6

In your own space, rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Well let's do 3 fan-fics ... I do write short Spuffy fics, but these are longer stories .... and great

1) Echoes by HollyDB
Spuffy, BtVS Season 2 Halloween and Beyond, NC-17

A slayer barters with a demon to rescue her lover and finds herself unwittingly projected nearly three hundred years into the future with no memory of the life she left behind.

2) Taking Command by Dawn47
Janeway/Chakotay, Season 6, NC-17

Set in late Season 6 during the month that the Doctor has gone to Jupiter Station to treat Dr. Zimmerman. Chakotay has a secret that he feels he now needs to share.

3) Replacement by sus
Spuffy, Season 1, Post-Series, Time Travel, NC-17

After years of struggling for a life of her own, the immortal Slayer is finally free from the demands of her friends and the Council. Will she be willing to go back in time and do it all over again, just for the chance to be with the vampire that was always meant to be her other half? An enemy from the future will give her the chance, if she wants it.

I dare say that if you are a fan of these pairings you will have read them ... but, just go back and read them again ... they are worth it!

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Tags: #6in, fan fic, snowflake challenge, spuffy

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