Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Just A Bit Of Family History

I have just posted a couple of photos over on photo_scavenger, and thought I would post one of them here as well. The last prompt of last year was glass. I love glass so it was almost too hard to decide what to post!  A few weeks ago I posted my most recent acquisition, a remembrance gift of a glass paw from a friend.  However I thought I would post from the other end of my scale ... My Great-Grandfather owned a Pub in the 1890's, and when he sold it, he kept some of the glasses, and now there are 4 left - of these 3 different designs (and yes, if you think the photo is off-centre, it's the glasses that are all slightly off centre.


I even know the name of the pub, long gone now .... My Grandad always used to laugh when he talked of babies being born.  I KNOW that the stork brought me, Mum was found under a goosebury bush and Dad arrived in the doctors black bag ... whereas Granddad always said he arrived in "The Baker's Arms".

and, so to the meme -

6. What is distracting you?

My problem is that I tend to get distracted by "nothing" .... although as I type this I do have one of the Dresden Files on audio. Although I have hear all those I have often, and read the books, I still realise that I do hear the words, as certain bits break through whatever I am doing.
Tags: camera, daily meme, dresden files, family, granddad c, history

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