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DJ - Off To Church

I often mention that we have gone via the Church when we are on our travels - so this 6th and final pic scam is the biggest as it contains some of the rest of DJ's roads, as well as a couple of pictures of the Church ... all seen from DJ's point of view of course.

This is a typical view of the area, looking across towards the Church

Sometimes I mention that we go up a canter track - this is the start of it, which is about 1/2 mile from the Church.

If we hadn't turned up the track, but continued towards the Church, this is the road we are on.

Further along the same road.

At the top of that road - The Church is now behind me.  The small building you can see is actually an old well - for healing, not just for thirst.

And so we have got to Church!

The two of us hope that you have enjoyed seeing The Universe According To DJ!! 

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