Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Three Times Is The Charm!

Well that's the USA version, and makes more sense as a title than my English version of "Third time lucky".  But after a week MIA this is my third post in an hour!!

I have been at work this week again - just mornings, and yes, have had to rest each afternoon ... just for about 30minutes, so that's better than it has been.  In actual fact the hospital is very busy with over twice as many patients with Covid than in the main lockdown in the Spring.  Add to that the fact that the small departemt I work in actually has a third of the staff off with confirmed cases it really brings it home ... and really frustrated when the first patient on Monday couln't see why he had to wear his mask ... sometimes I want to "shake people until their teeth rattle"!!!  However on a positive note, we were all tested this week, and the option to be tested at any time, day or night, is available to all staff.

Anyway, on a more cheerful note I bring a photo .... I took the unopened tins etc that I had got for Jiffy to a RSPCA dog's home, but due to Covid, they didn't want any clothes/toys etc.  So I have kept the jumpers to either give to a Charity Shop, or to send to a home once the crisis is fully over.  But some of the toys I gave to a friend from work who had bought a puppy in the summer.  Buddy, the Sprocker, also gained the opened boxes of biscuits ... but this photo was one Ana sent me of Buddy playing with the goose toy.  Jiffy loved the noise it made, but it was a bit too big for him ... BUddy loves it


Well, that's me up to date - I must get going, as I want to go shopping.  Only supermarkets are open, but, that's good as it's food I need!

Hope that you are all keeping well & safe.
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, dogs, jiffy, rde, shopping, work

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