Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

It Doesn't Inspire Confidence!

Yes, it's a slight worry when you think about it.

I have just had a phone call from the Pharmacy where I get my repeat prescriptions ... yes, great they are checking all is OK!  True

However, they want to know how I am getting on with my new medication ... so I asked what new medication (and wondering if I hadn't actually read the labels on the latest collection) ... so the pharmasist said "Your inhaler".  I didn't answer as I was wondering whether I had my prescription changed ... so in the gap she said "The Salbutamol".

So I answered, yes I was getting on OK with the treatment - and had for the last 30 years as that was when it was first prescribed to me!!!

She just went on to say that it was noted as new ... so don't know who is going mad - but in this case I can honestly say, it isn't me.

So 30 years on I get the phone call ... maybe a bit too late, really!!
Tags: asthma, medicine

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