Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

19th May 2006 - 23rd October 2020

Well, sadly today is the day I didn't want to see.

Yesterday it got that my poor Little Man got very wobbly, and couldn't turn over when lying down, or stand up, very easily.  And he slept , spluttering in his sleep, so I realised that he was really struggling, which meant I had to take the initiative and take him to see Marnie.  He didn't actually wake up as I picked him up and put it in the car.

I was at peace with my decicision ... even though the house feels incredibly empty.

I have literally known him since he was 7 weeks old, as has his vet.  The lovely thing is that as he was sleeping on her table and we were talking we were both stroking him, and both were crying ... that meant a lot that Marnie could be with him for those final few minutes.

I am going to have him buried, which won't be till next week (or even the week later), but will be going to that funeral.

Anyway my darling boy, I shall miss you ...  you really helped me to cope with saying goodbye to Mum & Dad, you gave me lots of laughs, lots of cuddles ... and lots of love.

This was taken 14 years ago, when he was 6 months old

This one when he was 2, and had skin problems ... Mum made this for him
And here he was this last Christmas
... And, he is wearing them to be buried in. His pyjamas ... he loved them for a long time.

This was a favourite seat of his at Mum & Dad's, where he could look into the garden

And this final one was taken about 10 days ago - we are both in our red hoodies!!
Tags: jiffy, rip, vet
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