Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Just So I post ...

I did say I would dip in & out, and pick some questions ... so, here are a couple =

4 What’s something a lot of people seem to fear that doesn’t frighten you?

6 What was your favorite thing to make-believe when you were a child?
Mum & Dad bought me some records of childhood hymns ... I was "certain" they artists were my friends!

One of them, Elaine & Derek a brother and sister ... Derek is now more well known as the long-term actor on Casualty, called Charlie Fairhead. This is one of the records I have -

Well I worked this morning - it's a small department, only 14 people in today ... and 3 of them were called Deborah!! That certainly must be something of a record!

Hope you are all having a fun day
Tags: deborah, hymn, work, you tube

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