Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

4 X 3.5 Hours

Well this last couple of weeks I have managed to do Monday - Thursday clinics, giving me a 3 day weekend.  Last week I ended up sleeping on 3 afternoons, but this week only the one afternoon ... so I am being positive in that I am slowly improving.  As I type this I should have been driving up tp The Lake District to go to a Christian Convention, but obviously that plan fell apart.  However I am glad that I am not going as I would not have the energy to do the drive, or even if I went, to focus on the holiday.  So in a weird way I am thankful for the pandemic!!

Last night I was watching a DVD (of Silk Stockings), and love the film.  However one slightly depressing thought I had was that Fred Astaire was only a year younger than I am now ... maybe I should take up smoking, as he was a smoker!!  For those who doen't know the film this is one of the dances (with Cyd Chariss)

Jiffy has good and bad days, so he worries me some moments, and then we have a slow (but longish) walk and it's lovely to see him like that.

Well I am now on the countdown for the next "Dresden Files" book.  I do wonder where the story is going, and it turns out that we are going to get 2 books this summer ... will it be twice as many stories or one mostly split?  Still I have a few questions I want answered, and a couple of scenarios I want to see ... but will have to see what Jim Butcher writes.  I have pre-ordered the books, but also hope to get the audio with James reading them, as for me (and many fans) he "is" Harry.

Well I would think my washing should be dry, so have some ironing to do ... housework, my favourite (not!!!)

Hope that you areall keeping well x
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, dresden files, housework, ill, jiffy, rl, work, you tube

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