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Who's A Good Boy ... Well Most Of The Time!!

DJ and Conrad had obviously "had words" this morning, as DJ came in with a small cut on his right shoulder ... but they didn't argue about the gate (or me) so had obviously sorted things out by the time I arrived.

I took him into his box and set to work on him - and within 1/2 hour I could have stuffed a duvet ... not just a cushion.  He stood still the whole time, but I suppose his skin must get a bit itchy at this time of year, so it probably felt great to have a deep groom.

I tacked him up and then, as I had been chatting to Toni, Ros and Cherry came down to meet us.  Toni was unable to ride as Badger is not all that great in misty weather due to his poisoning some years ago, and both Junior and Smudge had lost a front shoe each.

As the 4 of us walked out of Toni's drive, DJ pulled up onto the verge to ask to "spend a penny".  For those non-riders, when a horse wees they stretch out their back legs and the rider stands up to take the stress off their back.  So far, so good; but with DJ's final stretch he went slightly too far and put a back leg into the ditch!!!  He recovered himself before upending us both.  Now people know why when he was born, my mother said he should not be given my name ... there is no hope for either of us!

We had a great ride through the woods - walking past a blue carpet of bluebells and seeing so much greenery arriving - it was lovely.  As we left we also had a short canter.  Lovely - and DJ was really focussed.

Then back down the road - until we were about 1/2 mile from home, when he decided I was too relaxed and chatting to Ros, and thus ignoring him.  So from there to Ros' he spooked at anything, everything ... and nothing!

Once we had left Ros and Cherry at their place he was great on his way back to Toni's ... well he had my attention again!

he was therefore very warm by the time we got back - but stood really quiet while I towelled him down, then once he was cool and dry-ish he had some feed ... and another carrot, before going back to his field.

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