Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

4 Days!!

Well I survived 4 days before "crashing" again ... so took the day off, although sadly my immediate manager has insisted I am tested for Covid, so this afternoon I get the test and hope that it's a speedy answer.  I know it's just my CFS not wanting me to set an earlier alarm.  But these are the days we are all living in, and working in a hospital means the alert needs to be at 200%

The weather is not doing so well, although that means I don't have to water the tubs around the garden.  As mine is patio I have loads of assorted ones (no design, just colours), so that saves me a job!!

One advantage that I have done in in the last few weeks of feeling better is re-reading the full series of Anne of Green Gables.  So lovely to re-read the full set straight through.  It was especially nice as I read the books that had been Mum's, and most were gifts from her parents so it was lovely to read the inscriptions, as well.

Well I had better get on and get the housework done ... where do the hours go?

Hope you are having a good weekend x
Tags: books, chronic fatigue syndrome, housework, mum, rde, work

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