Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Wow, June 3rd Already!

How did that happen!

We have misty rain here, but Jiffy is much happier. No, he doesn't like the rain but the heat was really getting to him - he even missed lunch on a couple of days!

These last 10 days seem to have flown past. I spoke to my doctor at the beginning of the week, and he has signed me off this month - however I may end up back at work sooner. 4 days out of 5 I am now 101%, but on that other day I do dip, which is why my GP is happy to let things ride. However I spoke to one of my managers last week (yes, I am on Staff Bank, but basically only work in the one department) and they are hoping to re-start clinics in the next couple of weeks, once they have worked out the logistics. yes, I will be well enough to work as it will be 3 hours each morning. That also means that after 6 months I won't suddenly be leaving Jiffy all day. So, I wait to hear further on that.

At the beginning of the last week I met up with one of the physiologists I work with. She has been working 1 day at the hospital, 1 day at home and 1 day off. So we met for a walk. She popped over lunchtime as she was only in for the morning today, adn we plan to meet for a walk again next week before the clinics re-start.

I actually finished last week by going to a funeral. Although only 10 people are allowed, as one of the daughters refused to go unless her husband and 3 children could go (despite having nothing to do with Eric for 4 years), they gave the seat to me. He was Mum & Dad's neighbour, but every 6 weeks (until the last couple) I have popped in while Jiffy was having his haircut. They and M&D were great friends - I shall miss seing Eric again, although know that he is now in Heaven so will see him again in eternity.

Sadly I was very upset with the funeral ... not just that I couldn't hug his widow, or the rest of the family who I know so well, but was upset with how the pastor did the service. Eric (&Heather) have been members of the Church all their lives, yet it was the new pastor who took the service. There wasn't a eulogy, and even weirder there wasn't a Bible reading. The first hymn was played as we walked in, so as I tagged on the back I missed that as well!

The one advantage is that "whenever" he is going to have a couple of benches dedicated to him on Dartmoor ... one from the parks people, and one from the family, so hopefully that will be a more meaningful time. But, I am still annoyed!!!!

Wow, I have rambled a bit - sorry! And, I must finish last month's questions -
30 Make a list of three things you can do today to be kind to yourself.
a) I did rest in bed and read before getting up
b) I had 3 different veggies with my lunch - mushrooms, carrots, leeks
c) I am not going to play solitaire on my tablet this evening while watch TV to rest my eyes ... I shall start a new jigsaw instead
31 If you could acquire a talent without any extra effort, what would it be?
A photographic memory for dates - I love history, but forget dates and places. I love linking places I have been to history ... and get them muddled

Well done if you are still awake!

Hope everyone os keeping well and safe ... Take care x
Tags: funeral, jiffy, meme, weather, work

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