Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

My Aunt Is Worried About Me!!!!

Before I type any more I must add that this is my Aunt who was Mum's best friend ... neither of my actual relations are/were ever bothered about me!

Anyway, I spoke to Auntie Mary yesterday.  She is 90 but I always end up laughing my way through the call, and she always cheers me up.

Any way, as to her concern ... she thinks I am seriously ill (even worse than in January), as she asked me my plans and I said I had cleaned the car that morning, and was planning to sort out, and clean, my shed today (which I have done).  So, she knows I am not great with housework, unlike Mum, and now she is worried that I am really ill!!!

Anyway, tasks done, although I will admit my lounge could do with dusting - maybe I will do that tomorrow before I head off to Eric's funeral.

On an annoying note - in England garden centres are open, so I drove out this morning to get petrol, and to visit the garden centre.  I was going to be a "good girl" and get a grow bag and 3 tomato plants.  So, I went, only to find that it had moved to the other side of the city!!!  So decided that I shall pick them up tomorrow on my way home instead.

And, I am missing a couple of days meme - so

24 What’s the biggest problem you’re facing today?
At present I am sneezing, and sneezing. My shed was very, very dusty

25 What two colors do you think look best together?
LOL - I am colourblind, so I see colours in my own way. And often what I think is a colour, isn't. I did paint my study wall recently, purple ... while the other 3 are orange. I think it looks good, but have yet to ask anyone else.

26 Popcorn or pretzels?
Popcorn, no contest!
Tags: auntie mary, colourblind, gardening, housework, meme

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