Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Yet More Catch-Up

I'm all behind again! However as all these answers (including tomorrows) are short I am not too upset

16 Which Muppet are you most like?
Ummm - sorry, I'm not a fan of the Muppets, so don't know

17 What are the people around you doing right now?
Umm, there's only me! Jiffy is sleepuing though, if that counts

18 Do you give up easily on things when they get tough, or are you a stick-to-it person? Can you think of examples when your usual approach was the wrong thing to do?
Depends on the situation - I can be 101% stubborn ... but there again,I am a person who puts things down to finish tomorrow!

19 You’ve just been chosen as the eighth dwarf. What’s your name?

20 If someone you were trying to impress was coming over to your home for dinner, what would you make for them? (Please include the recipe!)
Take Away!
I love cooking, but my food is really boring, basic stuff.
Tags: meme

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