Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

14 Spuffy Icons

Well, as I said earlier, I had to be busy ... so I feel slightly croos-eyed, but at least I have an entry for seasonal_spuffy ....

1.   photo 14_zpspw2dsay6.jpg 2.   photo 13_zpsz9wyxpwm.jpg 3.   photo 9_zpsnqcsqofw.jpg

4.   photo 12_zpsidizsagw.jpg 5.   photo 11_zpsajcd6tzr.jpg 6.   photo 10_zpsauure5xq.jpg 7.   photo 8_zpsolkx6yhj.jpg

8.   photo 7_zpsjwjagclv.jpg 9.   photo 1_zpsyveu6ebj.jpg 10.   photo 3_zpsxltiuqr9.jpg

11.   photo 5_zps7nvaj0fs.jpg 12.   photo 2_zps8k6y6btw.jpg 13.   photo 4_zpssxvprnyi.jpg 14.   photo 6_zpsblpfcvuy.jpg

As ever, all are snaggable, and credits can be found over at my icon journal - d4s_icons
Tags: icons, spuffy

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