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May's Here

Well the sun is out again, so that's good news. It was nice to get a day of rain though as, although I am not a keen gardener, I do have tubs of plants ... so nice to see some flowers, and healthy shoots.

I spoke to my doctor yesterday - and am still signed off work. The clinics I normally work in will soon be re-starting on a small number of patients, as cancer testing services are re-starting. However the manager is not happy about me being in the hospital as an asthmatic (although mine is very mild), but my GP has signed me off due to post-viral fatigue afetr the Christmas & January flu bugs. So at present am off work, and trying to build up my stamina levels.

On another note, I made 5 icons for moviefilmstills ... we had to pick out "comfort movie", and I know it is corny ... but it has to be "Sound of Music".  So thought you might like to see them -

 photo 1_zpsdovbcgpc.jpg  photo 2_zpsjggh9yko.jpg  photo 3_zpsc0oppbbb.jpg  photo 4_zps5gzjtunl.jpg  photo 5_zpsp80f2snl.jpg


Well, I got a bit distracted last month, so thought I would go back to the meme, and see if that keeps me focused ... so ...

May 1 Who made you feel good this week?
Jiffy - he is having a good day, and we had a good walk this morning.

2 Have you ever seen the same movie more than twice at a theater?
3 Do you still have toys, clothes, or schoolwork from when you were very young?
4 Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
5 Do you tend to be more optimistic or pessimistic?
6 How important is the decor of a restaurant to you?
7 Did you have a teacher who inspired to learn and grow as person?
8 What is the worst food you’ve ever had to force yourself to eat to be polite?
9 What is a mistake people often make about you?
10 Have you ever been sky diving, bungee jumping or scuba diving?
11 What class at Hogwarts would you really excel at?
12 What new fact have you recently learned?
13 What’s something you were afraid of as a child? Are you still afraid of it?
14 What compliment do you receive most often?
15 Are you right- or left-handed? How competent are you with your non-dominant hand?
16 Which Muppet are you most like?
17 What are the people around you doing right now?
18 Do you give up easily on things when they get tough, or are you a stick-to-it person? Can you think of examples when your usual approach was the wrong thing to do?
19 You’ve just been chosen as the eighth dwarf. What’s your name?
20 If someone you were trying to impress was coming over to your home for dinner, what would you make for them? (Please include the recipe!)
21 Do you believe in soul mates?
22 What small thing can you plan to do tomorrow that you’ve never done before?
23 What would your teen self think of the adult you’ve become?
24 What’s the biggest problem you’re facing today?
25 What two colors do you think look best together?
26 Popcorn or pretzels?
27 What’s one thing you can do today that will make tomorrow easier?
28 Have you ever realized too late (e.g. after you've left the house) that you've been wearing an item of clothing inside out or backwards?
29 What parenting technique do you differ from your parents about?
30 Make a list of three things you can do today to be kind to yourself.
31 If you could acquire a talent without any extra effort, what would it be?

Well weekend is coming, if that makes a difference to many of us. But, enjoy
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