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Two Good Reasons To Be Happy Today

Today is the 94th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ... I am proud to be a Royalist, she is an amazing lady
This photo, courtesy of the BBC was taken last month when she spoke to the nation, and reminded us that "We'll meet again"
 photo queen-addressing-england-1_zpsnjzxtrzf.png

 photo DSC_0546_zpsjvkykymx.jpg

 photo DSC_0536_zpsq1zdbhlx.jpg

 photo DSC_0532_zpsxgzhvttq.jpg

I said there were 2 things to celebrate ... well, the second is that it is National Tea Drinking Day ... and anyone who knows me knows that I am not human if I haven't stared the day with a pot of tea ... here I have just re-filled the mug for the third time
 photo Untitled_zpsrdlbot6c.png

So I hope everyone else finds at least 2 things to celebrate today
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