Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Must Be Feeling Ill ...

... I have spent part of this morning actually cleaning one of my display cabinets ... taking everything out and dusting ... as a hoarder, it is always a tough job!  So, for me, it was a shock when I decided to do that this morning - I must be feeling ill!!  So I am about 1/3 way through and will do the rest on Monday

All joking apart, I have had a couple of down-days anyway.  Feeling "off" ... hard to explain.  The other thing I have had is having a problem keeping warm.  So why I had that real dip I don't know, but having the positive aim this morning hopefully means I will be on the way back up again.

Jiffy has, on the other hand, had a good couple of days.  I think he has been helped as he has just had a course of steroids for a skin infection ... I was lucky that both his vet and myself know him so well, as his consultation was done over the phone, due to the pandemic.

So overall that's me back up to date ... hope you are all keeping well, and safe x
Tags: housework, ill, jiffy

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