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England - Durham

The last of the letter "D"'s is Durham - Having looked at Dorset last week.   So from the south we move north ... although not quite up to the Scottish border.

The picture with the map is slightly mis-lading.  Some years ago some of out County borders were moved - and some cities had their own Metropolitan ares.  So although the region is correct, form a historical point of view the smaller devisions are not there!!


Gateshead is described as an ancient town with a modern sky-line!  In 1854 most of the town was destroyed by fire.  In 1878, Joseph Swan unveiled the World's first practical long-lasting light bulb in his own house.

The Angel Of The North by Antony Gormley stands above the main A1 road, marking the Southern entrance to the area of Tynside.  It was made in 1998 and stands 65ft (20m) high and has a wing span of 180ft (55m)

The Gateshead Millenium Bridge was opened in September 2001 and is the Worlds only tilting bridge.  It is so energy efficient it only costs £3.60 each time it opens.


On 27/12/1825 the first train made the first train journey on the first public railway line in the World.  The locomotive was brought by road from Newcastle where it had 12 wagons full of coal and 21 wagons with seats ... and one passenger.  Geore Stevenson drove the train from Darlington to Stockton at an average speed of 12 mph (19 kph)


Stockton-on-Tees is a market town founded in 1310 and famous in that the furniture maker, Thomas Sheraton was born here in 1751.

It has the widest High Street in England; and at number 58, John Walker invented the first friction match in 1827.  After a couple of years he lost interest in the project and others took on the manufacture.


Th first men in Washington to bear that name came here in 1173, and then spread throughout the country.  Their old home is still, however, in existance.

Bryan Ferry (of Roxy Music) was also born here in 1945!


This bridge was built in 1726 for transporting coalfrom the pit to the River Tyne.At its peak more than 900 wagons a day pulled by horses would cross this valley, 80ft (24m) above the river.  As time progressed it became the first railway bridge in the World.


This is where the first purpose built lifeboat in the world, The Original, was launched in 1790.


St Peter's Church was the firstf English Church to have glass in it's windows.  It was built in 672 and the Tower and west wall still remain.


This is a Saxon Church and is the oldest Church in it's orignal form in England.  It also contains, on it's south wall, the oldest sundial in England.


During the Napoleonic wars a French ship was wrecked off-shore with the only survivor being the ship's monkey.  Sadly he was taken to the town square and hanged as a spy!

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