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Is It Just Me? 
3rd-Apr-2020 02:42 pm
Harry Dresden
Over the years Mum & I shared a love of jigsaw puzzles ... Dad was great at buying us ones that we (individually loved).  One of Mum's loves were the Thomas Kincaid pictures, which I find that bit harder due to the colourblindness.  However as I am busy doing puzzles to get the brain functioning better (!!), I have just completed one of these 1,000 piece jigsaws.

 photo IMG_20200403_121514_zpsvz6ol5ey.jpg

As you can see they are lovely pictures (in fact I saw a whole shop of prints when I was in Carmel, California)

However, as I have been working on it, all I could think of was the painter's surname ... KINCAID ... no wonder was lots of ivy in the picture.  Presumably this is where Father Forthill will spend his "retirement".  
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