Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Things Seem Quiet Here, Don't They?

Or maybe it's just me

I have, until today been working a couple of hours a day in admin at the hospital ... but as we are patient linked, and a biggish department they have told me to keep away for a week or so until I feel better, and we know what is really happening with this pandemic.

So I am going to try to catch up with some art work, and as I feel a bit stronger I may even do a bit more sorting in my spare room!!

Jiffy is really slowing down now, which is hard to see, but he seems happy and still loves his dinner, and a couple of treats, so all OK really.

Well I have managed to post in photo_scavenger, so again am sharing the post here, just to spread the love -

This doll sits on the back of my settee.  Back in 1990 Mum was really ill for a couple of months, and her first few days back on her feet this pattern was in her weekly magazine, so she decided this was a project she could slowly do ... and it seemed meant to be as her name was Sylvia .... so here we are, a doll with a bonnet
 photo DSC_0410_zps11xgzuhw.jpg

This is today's hairstyle ... must admit, Jiffy doesn't spend hours in front of the mirror!
 photo 19th March 1_zpsct7nily3.jpg
Tags: camera, ill, jiffy, work

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