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How Did That Happen? 
12th-Mar-2020 03:33 pm
Gone with the Wind - Tomorrow is another
I was keeping up pretty well ... and then ... OOOOOPPPs

I supose part of the problem is in making sure I can keep doing the 2 hours a day at work. However on a couple of days (including Saturday, at home) I did more ... and regretted it. However I did 2.5 hours this morning, and other than doing a load of shopping I am not going to do anything else other than type this up, and catch up with the meme.

Tomorrow I shall be doing another 2 hours as I have a dental appt as well (which is a 25 min drive away), so need to be a good girl. The advantage of my zero-hours contract is that I arrive when I can, and leave when I need to. So it's been a good stepping stone. However next week I need to start setting the alarm earlier to get into work at the proper time.

Jiffy's ears & skin is much better (thanks to those who asked), but it is hard to watch him really slowing up. I know he will be 14 in May, but still hard to see the reality of this.

Well, I had better catch up ....

8 It’s International Women’s Day. Who is a woman you greatly admire and why do you admire her?
Someone who left school at almost 15, yet never stopped learning. If you want to read the eulogy I wrote for her when she died it is here

9 What’s your favorite movie quote?
I don't tink I have one ... although the Gone with the Wind one of "Tomorrow is another day" is pretty good

10 What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fear?
Loosing family and friends ... especially if someone is hurt near me, and I can't help them

11 What’s your first and middle name(s), if you’re comfortable saying? Do you think the meanings of your names matches who you are?
Deborah Jacqueline
We did the bit about meaning, didn't we? However Deborah is a Bible name (Mum & Dad wanted us all to have names from the Bible, which we do). Deborah was first mentioned in Genesis as a nurse, which is what I am now! And secondly as the only female Judge in the book of the same name. I am not a femenist, and her other description was that she sang a song on the victory of the army (I can't sing!!). Jacqueline is actually the feminine of James, my Dad's middle name.
I almost had Victoria, as well. And in fact that would have been good as it's the middle name of both my grandmothers, and I was the only girl in the family.

12 What’s your birth order in your family? Do you think it affected who you are as an adult?
I am the oldest, then Nick, then Tim
I was often blamed for chaos ... but maybe it was my fault some times!!
12th-Mar-2020 04:27 pm (UTC)
Is it worth working only two hours a day. Wouldn't it be better to work only two or three long days a week. Possibly you would feel better by working a bit longer each day to build up your system. I do better with a regular schedule than changing it all the time. My boss started giving me one day of opening, two days of a mid shift and two closing days. I told her it started messing with my sleeping and eating habits which caused me issues. It made my blood sugar crazy. She changed me back to opening and it leveled off.

It's hard to watch family, friends or pets ageing. It makes you feel so helpless. Hugs for both you and Jiffy.

I admire mothers in general. No job is so hard and thankless at times. The moment of joy and love make it all worth while.

My favorite movie quote is from Rush Hour. "Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?" People often hear what they want and not what you are really saying. Stupid people sometimes need to hear the sarcasm this quote means.

Sharon Elaine. As I explained a few post ago, my mom picked it out of a pamphlet in the hospital when I wasn't a boy. Sharon means plains from the Bible. Elaine is a form of Helen. I was surprised to find out it means bright, shining light.

I am the second and last child. Having nine years between my brother and me made it seem more like two different families. He believed he was in charge of my life. My mother allowed it. He berated me when I thought about going into the military. He had a fit when I started dating one of his friends. We broke up because of it. I put up with it while my mother was alive, but she finally started seeing how controlling he was. After she passed I tried to keep up a relationship, but it only got worse. I had moved and not sent him my new address and phone number as fast as he thought I should have. He called my company and spoke to my boss. Demanding I contact him at once. My boss was not happy about that. I sent him a nice gift for him when he retired. He sent it back and said he didn't want it. That was it. I told him I would not allow him to treat me this way anymore. I cut ties with him. He died a few years ago. My aunt chewed me out about not talking to him. My family always felt I was jealous of him. My son was about ten and asked me why my family treated me so differently than my brother. That was when I realized they did treat us differently and it wasn't my imagination. To them, I should just do whatever he thought was best and tow the line. It was a real relieve to finally understand it wasn't right.
30th-Mar-2020 04:53 pm (UTC)
Just catching up

As I don't get much money on sick (I am on a zero hours contract) it didn't make much difference financially. However I ended up being signed off again as my Chronic Fatigue flared up badly ... so am off for at least another week. Hope that all is well with you - are you working, or avoiding.

It's funny but when I think of your name I tend to think of it as an amazing district, that was spoken about in the Bible as somewhere that was enjoyed by people.

Last year I hit a bit of a crisis with my youngest brother and "stepped away", however I think in doing so it suddenly occured to him that he wasn't seeing me. So slowly we are getting closer again. However that is all on hold to a certain degree as even though he is a mile away we can't meet. Nick and I have had an up&down relationship over the last few years ... but he has withdrawn from everyone ... including to a certain degree his own family, so I can't be upset (well I can, but it is easier for me than his wife!)
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