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What a weird weekend - judging by the weather it was mid-Winter!

I was horse-sitting again on Friday and by the time I had taken the hay out to Toni's 3 and then gone and said Hi to DJ I was frozen.

tim and Claire came round Friday eve - although I was out for some of it and Band practice ... and the even better news is that on the Saturday I practiced for 1/2 hour ... so that was 3 days running I played ... The first time I had been able to do that since mid-Decemeber.

the weather we had on Saturady was very very wet - and this morning was lovely, but b the time we were home from Chapel and had dinner it was clouding over ... Managed to get Jiffy out on his normal long Sunday walk - but then it rained agian!

So, now I am back here and trying to catch up with LJ, watch "Foyles War" and type this - So thought I would finish with a MEME, snagged from spikereader... and seen on one or two other blogs as well!

Your Slogan Should Be

Deborah Keeps Going and Going and Going

The Slogan Generator
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