Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Hospital & Vet Visits

Sadly I ended up in A&E yesterday ... and Jiffy didn't want to be left out so I had to take him to his vets today.

Yesterday morning I had quarter of an hour of severe flashing lights in my good eye. So knowing about my retinal op in '88, and the problems of strokes I decided I needed to get things checked out. So lucky I live near the hospital, and it means I didn't have too bad an afternoon. However I did confuse the nurse practioner I saw. She asked about headaches, well I have had one off & on for weeks with this flu bug! She wanted to test my eye sight against the good eye (which is my bad eye with only 50% vision), she wanted to check the retinas (with my "good" eye badly damaged already) and her final test was to check the optic nerve ... colourblindness tests (great, unless you are badly colourblind!!). Anyway, she was happy, but took the precaution of speaking to the consultant ... and overall the diagnosis was that of an Ocular Migraine.

So Jiffy didn't want to be left out. He spent last night rubbing his ear, and today scratching his side. So he is on steroids, antibiotics and ear drops.

So glad to see we were able to make use of medically trained ladies.

And -
3 What city or other location were you born in?

I was born in Essex - for those who know what I mean, I shall say "Yes, I am an Essex girl". For those who don't know, Essex girls have a "certain" reputation. It mostly comes because from Roman days there has been a barracks at Colchester (the county town) and is used for recruits ... so on their weekends off, they head to town ... and ... !!!!!!

On a side note, my grandmother was also an Essex girl. She actually "picked up" a soldier in Trafalgar Square. Yes, my grandfather was a member of the Coldstream Guards.
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