Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

My Jiffy

well this morning while I was reading my Bible in the sushine in my conservatory, Jiffy asked to sit on "his" seat. When he was younger he & Mum used to always sit in this seat ... if one was not in it, the other was. He hasn't sat in it much since he moved in with me (bringing the chair!!), but it was lovely to see him there this morning. Just so glad I had my camera with me

 photo 2nd March 2_zps6thnmoh6.jpg

 photo 2nd March 5_zpsckbptqvz.jpg

 photo 2nd March 4_zpsj8ssgynq.jpg

 photo 2nd March 3_zps8ifw4ewk.jpg

And, so I don't lose track -

2 What’s your favorite candy bar?
Cadbury's milk chocolate, please
Tags: camera, jiffy, meme

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