Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

What An Odd Afternoon

Just had a dental check-up ... a new dentist who I can honestly say is probably the least chatty person I have ever met ... and for someone working with the general public it is even weirder. Very disconcerting. I did get a clean bill of health, though.

On the way there I had to drive up a dual carriageway - and weird .... I had to overtake a man in a racing wheelchair going slowly up a hill. He wasn't wearing anything reflective, eithere, and as it was raining the whole thing seemed very, very odd.

And ...
28 If you learn that a celebrity of whom you are a fan of has done something horrible, does it affect your ability to enjoy works they previously produced?

I suppose the answer would be "yes". However I am a terror for making snap decisions, therefore I often meet, or see, someone and love or hate ... and it's a real rarity for me to change my mind.
Tags: dentist, meme, rl

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