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Interesting Questions

As I was trying to catch up on my LJ earlier today I saw a post by jusummerhayes who asked a set of questions, and I decided to answer them here, so I could think about a few of them.  eta - it's now tomorrow, and I am only just getting round to finishing and posting

When was the last time you said, I love you?
I tell my brothers and sisters-in-law that I love them when I see them.  However I think I tell Jiffy I love him most days ... I suppose as I see him getting older, I don't want him not to have heard the words.

When did you last enjoy 8 or more hours of uninterrupted sleep? How did you feel?
Yesterday I actually had 11 hours sleep ... for me it's not unusual that my chronic fatigue knocks me out

Why do we save so little?
There is so much of the world to visit ... and as I own both a house and a car, there always seems to be a bill to pay!

Is wisdom to be found in books?
Depends on the book!  Although sometimes wisdom can be found by "living", so some of the elderly seem to know more about life, than can be found in books.

Can we save the planet?
If we all do a bit then we can certainly improve things .... so many people don't even attempt the basics, so sadly a lot of the problems will never be sorted out.  I hate how some people don't even do basic recycling, yet if you live in Britain, the recycling is actually collected from your house ... why can't people even do that?

Is work worth the candle?
I love work, and have hated these weeks of convelescence.  But I know there are people out there who do their job just to pay the bills.  But I think whether you love it or hate it, it gives you purpose and discipline ... it builds your character.

Why do we have so many experts but see so little change?
I suppose because too many people think they are experts ... people with only a few thoughts, think that they are correct.  I see it in the health service in all my jobs ... as an osteopath (and therefore a specialist in that line), very few of my patients asked my advise ... and very few did what I said.  So, if that happens in a personal way, then it will happen to eveything, and everybody.

Is coffee better than chocolate?
No, and yes!
I love Cadbury's chocolate .... that is the winner.  However some of the other chocolate companies, then coffee would be the winner

Why is politics like a war zone with so little collaboration let alone love and kindness?
Too many egos ... maybe  if they were pad less, they would be more normal and think about the real people they are representing.

What do you really care about?
My faith
My family (especially little Jiffy)

Why is nature falling into decline when our lives depend on it?
We have ignored it's long-term care.  Land needs to lie fallow, animals need land and space to "live" ... we don't do either

If the 1960s was about love and peace, what will 2020-30 be remembered for?
Isolation - no one cares much aboutothers ... in fact most people spend so much time staring at their phone screen they wouldn't know if the person next to them had just ddisappeared

If we could go anywhere in the known Universe, where would we go?

What's more important art or science?

What does "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" mean to you?
Family and friends ... I have heard it many times at the graveside.
It comes from the Bible ... when God spoke to Adam & Eve after he sinned ... the words are (from the King James 1611  version) - In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

One last one: if you could be anyone or anything in the world what would you be?
Me - life is complicated enough being me, and so I can't confuse myself further!

And, as it's now tomorrow I have todays question from the meme -
19 Do you think anger is generally a positive emotion or a negative emotion? How does your thoughts on that help you deal with your anger?
Actually in some occasions anger is better than sulking, but in most cases anger is seen in situations where it escalates out of control ... and that is a definate time of learning to count to ten
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