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I have just heard from my neighbours that they think it's their fence, so will repair it. So brilliant, that's one bill, however small, I won't have this month. I will admit that I thought it was my fence, so am glad to find out it that it isn't.


I had someone from work pop in this evening to give my my wedding invitation ... I already knew about it, and hotel is already booked ... so are the flights, as it is in Portugal. There will be 6 from the dept, and the bride, as well as (ironically) my neighbours (who are also friends). I dare say I will spend a lot of time sitting by the pool, which I hate, but am determined to do a bit of sight-seeing, as well. But it will be a fun 5 days.

Well, here I am with 2 days -

17 If you could go back and caution your twelve-year-old self about something, what would you say?
That nothing could be done to stop the bullying, however much Mum & Dad would try to help me.

18 What is the newest article of clothing you’re wearing right now? How old is it?
My trainers are only 6 months old, and is the newest. Partly as I am stuck at home I am in relaxed clothes., but partly, if I like something, I don't throw it away until I really have to.
Tags: bullying, clothes, gardening, holiday 2020, meme, wedding

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