Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Seems A Lot Of Negatives ...

... as I start this it seems I have a few negatives to report to catch people up to date.

Firstly, my fence has decided to go exploring ... well, that sounds better than saying it has been blown away into th neighbours garden!!  Lickily it won't have damaged their garden as they rent and it's just grass, however when I get to see the damage (it's still raining) I had honeysuckle starting to look good.  Oh well, it's the first storm damage I have had in over 35 years of house owning.

I woke up feeling well, so went to Church ... but after half an hour I wasn't feeling great, so headed out during the next hymn ... glad to be back at home.  However was pleased that the pastor saw me ... since I was last there our associate pastor has been made the pastor, and didn't want him to think that was the reason I hadn't been ... he had emailed me last week to see how I was, and I do wonder if he had thought that.  He is young, and a great guy ... but will admit I am not one for clapping as I sing hymns and modern songs, which is something he likes.  However when he preaches I can truly focus, which for me, is the main thing.

As I said, a few negatives - the final is that my boiler sounded like it was going to explode one day last week when I ran some hot water, but hasn't since ... so looks like I may have another bill ahead of me.

Not great as while I am not working, I am not earning, and as I am on a zero-hours contract, that means no money.  But as I have always been self emplyed that is something I have always had.  The advantage is that I can have time off when I want, so just frustrating on months like these.

Well that's me up to date - except for the meme ....

14 Who was the first person you had a crush on? Was it requited?
A boy in my class called Mark. He had the most gorgeous eyes (that even at 13 I noticed!!), and a mad sense of humour, and no - he didn't know I was alive

15 What’s your favorite piece in a box of chocolates?
I like caramels, and the strawberry ones ... but they have to be milk chocolate

16 Have you ever won a game of Monopoly?
Don't think so - but there again I am sure my brothers used to cheat!!
Tags: church, garden, ill, meme, personal, rl, weather, work

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