Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Before & After

Not really a FridayPhoto post - but just a few photos of Jiffy, before and after his haircut.  He loves Jackie and has been seeing her all his life.  So it was a trip to Torquay, but worth it for him.  Normally I visit our ex-nextdoor neighbours, but as I am still coughing a lot I don't know if I am infective (although don't think so as flu is viral), but they are 88 & 91, so didn't want to risk it.  Will catch up with them in 7 weeks when Jiffy goes back to Jackie.

 photo DSC_0334_zpsj7utudid.jpg

 photo DSC_0332_zpsef0tdory.jpg

 photo DSC_0342_zpstw31zr31.jpg

 photo DSC_0340_zpsi1sagwz4.jpg
Tags: camera, jiffy, photo friday
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