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One Jealous Baby Coming Over!!

Today I didn't ride but went over to check on all 5 horses (and Spike the tortoise) as Toni is away for a few days.  

Ros is going to check them over the weekend, but until then I get to take the hay out to Badger and Junior (as they are loosing a bit of weight) and to take both a feed and hay to Smudge - who is still being cared for after loosing secret.  Those 3 are also wearing 2 rugs each - so I had to check that all the straps were done up - and that they were OK. 

Below the cut you can see the three of them in pictures I took last week.

Smudge (Strawberry Fudge) - A white and Pink Moorland Cross


Junior - A Dark Bay Cob

Badger - A piebald Cob

Once they were done, Spike was checked and I had left Percy (the pigeon) some corn I walked out to check on DJ and Conrad.

They both came over - and although I had a carrot for both of them, no way was Conrad allowed to get to near me.  DJ barged him out the way!!  We even had to have a cuddle to show that we were friends.  Then as I walked back to the gate, I had an escort!  Whenever Conrad started to close the gap, DJ's ears would go back..  No way was he letting Conrad spend time with me.  He allowed me to stroke Conrad's face ... but only briefly, before barging between us again.  The great thing is that at no time did I feel I was going to get squashed ... so very sweet of him!  (Yes, he got the second carrot!!)

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