Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

10 BtVS Icons

One advantage of being ill is that I am at home all the time, and now my laptop is back up I have been able to get this set of icons done fairly quickly. They are for [community profile] icons10in20 round 14, and the images are all from BtVS season 4

3’s a crowd Book(s) B&W canon Flower(s) Glow
 photo 3s a crowd_zpsn6pzxisz.jpg  photo Books_zpswjrya3gi.jpg  photo BampW canon_zpsss4lqk3r.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E2_0496_zpsbzz4wcer.jpg  photo Glow_zpsibfjq8gk.jpg
LGBTQ Movement Picspam Red Outfit Sentence
 photo LGBTQ_zpsg8sdgfzk.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E22_0577_zpscix0t8zw.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E17_0078_zps0jqmcl2s.jpg  photo Red Outfit_zpswxtc9azx.jpg  photo Sentence_zps9vt9ui6n.jpg

As ever, all the icons are snaggable, and credits (etc) are found over at my LJ icon journal - d4s_icons

And, an extra -
 photo Untitled_zpsmbnmuxpt.jpg

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Tags: btvs, buffy, competition, icons, season 4, spike

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