Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Ooops, Missed A Day!

So much for the meme keeping me going!

Actually I wandered into work yesterday morning to drop some paperwork off, and by the time I came back I was totally exhausted. Mentally I am doing pretty well, but my energy levels are still non-existant. I am still coughing, but that is slowly settling, but after 6 weeks I am getting so, so frustrated. One of my friends at work said that my neighbour (who is a friend of hers), had actually heard my coughing!!

Anywa, I am getting there, but is just so slow, but I am trying to be a good girl and not push myself.

Anyway, on a more positive note, Jiffy is enjoying lots of cuddles. He is really slowing up (which has made my life easier for walking him), but hard to see him, as he doesn't want to walk very far at all, most of the time. He asks to play most evening, but after about one minute he has had enough. So it;'s sad to see - but as he will be 14 in May (DV) it's to be expected.

One thing I forgot to add to my post on the 2nd was that it was a palindrome day (whether UK or USA) ... 02.02.2020 ... it will be a few years before we have the next!

And, so to catch up -

3 What’s your favorite salad dressing?
I love salt, pepper and malt vinegar!
Although salad cream, or mustard-vinegar is OK

4 Is your home tidy right this minute?
Never!  My spare room is always a dumping ground.  At least with my convelescence I have a perfect excuse for the rest of the house being in a muddle (but just ask any of the family, I am never, ever tidy!!)
Tags: housework, ill, jiffy, personal, rl, work

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