Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,


Thought I would do the meme this month ... see how it goes.

Feb 1 What is your birthstone and flower?

I am a June baby ... so my flower is a rose, and my birthstone is a pearl (or a moonstone.) As most of you know I love my jewellery and the most expensie items of jewellery I have bought for myself are pearls (so it was obviosly OK!!)

2 If you could redo today, what one thing would you do differently?
3 What’s your favorite salad dressing?
4 Is your home tidy right this minute?
5 Would you rather go to an amusement park, a zoo, or a sporting event?
6 If you were to win a “shopping” spree in a store, where you could grab anything you want in five minutes, what store would you choose?
7 If you could step into the TV and be part of a TV show, which one would it be?
8 What will you miss the most when the world finally runs out of petroleum?
9 Do you wake up by yourself, to an alarm, music, or have someone else wake you up?
10 Finish the sentence: There are two kinds of people in this world . . .
11 Make a list of three things you’d like to say no to.
12 Would you rather be locked overnight in a library, a museum, or a zoo?
13 What are your top three long-range goals?
14 Who was the first person you had a crush on? Was it requited?
15 What’s your favorite piece in a box of chocolates?
16 Have you ever won a game of Monopoly?
17 If you could go back and caution your twelve-year-old self about something, what would you say?
18 What is the newest article of clothing you’re wearing right now? How old is it?
19 Do you think anger is generally a positive emotion or a negative emotion? How does your thoughts on that help you deal with your anger?
20 What’s a childish thing you still do as an adult?
21 You’re making yourself a fruit salad with five different fruits. Which five fruits will you include?
22 Do you prefer being left alone on a long bus or train ride or would you rather chat with a random stranger next to you?
23 When you think about your future, what are you most afraid of?
24 You are out at a restaurant and you notice that a celebrity you really admire is at a nearby table. What do you do?
25 You have been given a complex task to perform at work. How do you approach it?
26 What’s a belief that you hold that most people probably disagree with?
27 Winter is soup time. What’s your favorite kind of soup? (Please post the recipe or source?)
28 If you learn that a celebrity of whom you are a fan of has done something horrible, does it affect your ability to enjoy works they previously produced?
29 If you were given an extra day every year to do whatever you want, what would you do?
Tags: flowers, jewellery, meme

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