Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

The Cost Of War

As I have just posted, I love cemeteries.  Exeter Cememtery has, like most around Britain, assorted War Graves.  However there is also a specific section dedicated to the dead of WWII - Commonwealth, German, Polish, Italian ... as well as some of the civilians killed my enemy action.

I do go to many war cemeteries, and go to the Cenotaph every year ... these people should never be forgotten.  By visiting they are remembered -

The Commonwealth War Cememtery section.
 photo 31st January WWII 7_zpshnuwycco.jpg

 photo 31st January WWII 2_zpssuvrts9s.jpg

 photo 31st January WWII 1_zpshaqk3ehs.jpg
The Sword of Sacrifice
 photo 31st January WWII 6_zpsbhslzsbq.jpg
Commonwealth & Polish graves
 photo 31st January WWII 5_zpshnnqbcxp.jpg

Enemies who died on the same day -
 photo 31st January WWII 4_zps6bu2z80w.jpg
 photo 31st January WWII 3_zpswlw77bnz.jpg
 photo 31st January WWII 8_zpsmzb0vudj.jpg

Exeter had air raids over the city, in the so-called Baedeker Raids (like Coventry & Cantebury)
 photo 31st January 7_zpsw7eu5tt9.jpg

 photo 31st January 6_zpskufradvg.jpg

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