Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Still Off Work ...

... still have no energy, and coughing.  However am a bit better.  So the plan is (I have yet to see my doctor today, who may change this!!), to slowly do bits of early spring-cleaning, sorting, etc.  I am terrible at doing this, so am not going to worry if I don't do too much.  However what I can do will be so positive, and aslo will hopefully help me to begin to build up my stamina.

Flu bug has truly scrambled my brain though.  I sent a card to my best friend for her birthday, and yes text me to say ... "when is your brother's birthday", I was confused, so rang ... yes, I sent her card to Nick, and Nick's card to her.  Oh well, they say it's the thought that counts!!

Well as I am only sitting doing not much, there is no news.

Although, I must sat that I am loving the storyline of this season of Dr Who ... hope it continues on the same way.
Tags: dr who, housework, ill, rl

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