Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Not Great -

.... But am posting to show that I am keeping the promise to myself.  The one of trying to take photos of something different from my normal ona Friday.

yesterday I drove to a town a few miles away to meet a friend.  A double reason - firstly it was ger birthday, so wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday in person.  And secondly I wanted to see how I was doing getting over this flu ... I am possibly due back at work on Monday, but wanted to see how much stamina I have ... I think though I need to be a good girl and take another week off, as am very tired today and struggling with a headache ... but will see how I am tomorrow before I finally decide.

Anyway, it was foggy.  So I took a couple of photos on the way - not great, at all, as they were really views from my car.  I needed to get out and walk, but am trying to be a good girl to myself.  Anyway, they are

 photo 24th January 4_zpsj4p1vaim.jpg

 photo 24th January 3_zps1mb042qb.jpg

 photo 24th January 2_zpsz9itdo9w.jpg

.... Nothing special, but hopefully I am learning.

Happy weekend, everyone
Tags: camera, ill, photo friday, weather

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