Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

So, It's The Classic ....

I had to go back to the doctors twice this last week, and at the second appointment, I had the classic "Good News ... Bad News"

The good news is that I am getting over the flu that has wiped me out for the last few weeks ... the bad news is that because I have had flu I am very vulnerable, so, yes you guessed it, I have caught flu.

So considering I had the jab, then this is the 3rd strain of flu I have been attacked with over the last couple of months.

So, bed rest continues!  Sadly this one has given me a "lovely" dry cough, so if that continues into next week I will be back at th docs for a cough suppressent (I had to have one when I had pneumonia some years back)

So, other than this, there is no news.  Hope everyone else's 2020 is going better than mine!
Tags: doctor, ill

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