Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Snowflake Challenge #9

In your own space, promote at least one canon that you adore (old, new, forever fandom).

Which one shall I talk about? I am a Spike/Buffy (Spuffy ... BtVS) fan, a Janeway/Chakotay (Voyager) fan, a Jack/Sam (SG1) fan, a Hawkeye/Margaret (M*A*S*H TV) fan... I could talk about any of them loads and loads!

I suppose I have talked a lot about my Spuffy love, so I will go Star Trek, instead

I will admit that when Voyager was announced I din't want to watch it, because I go against modern living, and didn't want to see a female boss.  However my friends watched episode 1 and then had to work on week 2 so asked me to record it for them.  So I had to watch it as there was nothing else on and I obviously couldn't watch anything on video.  And  was intrigued by Chakotay, well he is pretty cute!  So I was hooked.

A female, sent out to capture a male, and ending up having to ask him to help her.  She was so serious, so formal, so dedicated to her plans.  Whereas he was adapatable, although he committed himself to be a great second.  It was obvious that they liked and respected each other, most of the time.  Occasionally they saw things from different points of view, but worked out their differences.  Yes they balanced out each other brilliantly.

Sadly she said right from the start that as Captain she couldn't have a relationship ... if it went wrong they were both stuck on the same ship, or it could be considered that she was pushing for the relationship.  However you see the way they look at each other, the way he helps her through major problems, the way she is upset when he is injured.  He admits to having feelings for her a couple of times, but she doesn't/can't

I do love how they are together, and wish that they had been able to find a way to be together ... but there again, that's what fan-fiction is for! This was originally post on Dreamwidth
Tags: snowflake challenge, star trek voyager

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