Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Star Trek Voyager Icons

Well one advantage of being stuck at home for weeks means that I have finished my set of icons for round 69 of season20in20 early.  I opted to do some Star Trek Voyager icons, and was given season 3

Here are the teasers -

   photo AC 1_zps972sg78w.jpg    photo Cat 5_zpsuw4bqhb3.jpg    photo AC 4_zpsuoiczlzr.jpg

fave male tiers vibrancy faceless provided font
 photo Favourite male_zps5irmxdjz.jpg  photo Tiers_zpsfa4ukeop.jpg  photo Vibrancy_zpsmnbdexzb.jpg  photo Faceless_zpsxjdiybey.jpg  photo Provided font_zpsetvjd2et.jpg
fave female underrated framed villainous season20in30
 photo Fave Female_zps6it6wdcg.jpg  photo Under-rated_zpsss0xsiw7.jpg  photo Frame_zps2xh9tqof.jpg  photo Villainous_zpsgkqpq7yn.jpg  photo Season_zpsrpqf1grl.jpg

CAT 01 CAT 02 CAT 03 CAT 04 CAT 05
 photo Cat 1_zps6gebzo9f.jpg  photo Cat 2_zpso7fxje5r.jpg  photo Cat 3_zpsjuwa7nx4.jpg  photo Cat 4_zpsgkbf8oov.jpg  photo Cat 5_zpsuw4bqhb3.jpg

AC 01 AC 02 AC 03 AC 04 AC 05
 photo AC 1_zps972sg78w.jpg  photo AC 2_zps7rm95crm.jpg  photo AC 3_zpsm36rvi5j.jpg  photo AC 4_zpsuoiczlzr.jpg  photo AC 5_zpslhesmvwk.jpg

As ever, all the credits are available over at my icon journal - d4s_icons, and all are snaggable
Tags: competition, icons, star trek voyager

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