Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Snowflake Challenge #8

Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create.

I dare say that this post will be a bit pointless as they are all Spuffy (long) fics - and for those of us who love Spuffy I suppose they have already read them. However if you are either late into fandom, or just haven't read these for some time - Enjoy

Echoes, by Holly
A slayer barters with a demon to rescue her lover and finds herself unwittingly projected nearly three hundred years into the future with no memory of the life she left behind. (NC17)
Set in Season 2 and in 1700 ... and is Spuffy, with a few twists along the way which keep you guessing how, or if, it will work out.
96,586 words
I could rec most of her fics if you haven't already discovered her work

Hearts Breaking Even by Slaymesoftly
A very young Buffy goes through a portal and ends up spending several days in Victorian England, where she meets and befriends a young boy. A young boy who grows up to become one of world's most feared vampires. But he hasn't forgotten his savior from so very long ago, and Buffy hasn't forgotten the child she met only a year or so ago. (NC17)
Set in Season 2 and 1860's
67,837 words
Another author that I would rec for all her work - although I am sure you have already discovered her work

Fixing The Factors
Spuffy Groundhog Day - Set during The Yoko Factor, something has happened to make Buffy and Spike repeat the same day over and over. Will they figure out they're in this together or keep working against each other? Will they be able to fix the time loop or are they doomed to repeat the day for eternity? And just how many visits from a jealous Riley and Angel will Buffy be able to stand? (Adult only)
Set during Season 4
113,537 words

Replacement by Sus
After years of struggling for a life of her own, the immortal Slayer is finally free from the demands of her friends and the Council. Will she be willing to go back in time and do it all over again, just for the chance to be with the vampire that was always meant to be her other half? An enemy from the future will give her the chance, if she wants it. (NC17)
Season 1, and some point in the future
158,902 words

I hope the links work but as 3 of the 4 are adult you may need to log in, or agree to read.

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Tags: fan fic, snowflake challenge, spuffy

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