Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

A Long, Long Time Ago ...

I am not doing any of the daily memes going around, but am trying to post every day (especially while I am off sick) I snagged this question from zhelana

Who was your very first best friend? Are you still in contact or communication with them?

Stephanie Bennett

We met when we were about 3.  We started going to a different chapel and there was a family who became really close friends with Mum & Dad.  Stephanie and I are the same age (within weeks), and she had an older brother Malcolm.  We used to go there once a month for Saturday tea (they came to us, as well), and they had a TV.  So, as Malcolm was older, he was allowed to watch Dr Who (I am talking 1964), but Stephanie and I weren't meant to ... so we hid behind the sofa!!!

My first term and a half at school was with he, but then Mum & Dad moved back to Essex (we were in Wales).

Mum & Dad kept in touch with Auntie Anne & Uncle Clifford until mum died - I wrote and told them, only to find that they had both been taken into care with dementia.

We met up when we were 18 and we really clicked.  In my late 40's M, D & I went to Wales for a holiday, and in chatting to Auntie Anne I realised that other than the fact she was married with 4 kids, our lives had pretty much run parallel.  In some ways it would be nice to be in contact - but sometimes it is just good to know that we were happy, and that individually we are happy
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