Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

17 Icons - Season 5 BtVS

These icons are all from episode 7 "Fool for Love", one of the best episode of the 7 series, imho!

The first 7 are from Round 29 of monthlyinspo, which I didn't finish, as I ran out of time. I was given an assortment of textures, etc, I had to use.

The second set is from The Big Battle #13 at itsabattlefield, and our theme was Red & Green

1.   photo Untitled_zpsfklxtjs6.jpg  2.   photo BtVS_S5_E7_0456_zpsn8rbldnp.jpg  3.   photo BtVS_S5_E7_0394_zpslyucwgqj.jpg

4.   photo BtVS_S5_E7_0255_zpsnegjohyp.jpg  5.   photo HWlJRJm_zpspuc1otvl.jpg  6.   photo BtVS_S5_E7_0784_zpsixwrtngs.jpg  7.   photo BtVS_S5_E7_0126_zpspnnmb6h6.jpg

1.   photo 7_zps7vqaamji.jpg  2.   photo 6_zps3b3sifo9.jpg  3.   photo 8_zpstyafeyn1.jpg  4.   photo 10_zpsq91xj9pw.jpg  5.   photo 9_zpsrclrdvq6.jpg

6.   photo 2_zps6muj798h.jpg  7.   photo 1_zpsmttlxcva.jpg  8.   photo 3_zpsw8wua4ak.jpg  9.   photo 4_zpscpnrvw4t.jpg  10.  photo 5_zpsphoo9koz.jpg

As ever, all the credits are available over at my icon journal - d4s_icons, and all are snaggable
Tags: btvs, buffy, competition, icons, season 5, spike

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