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Another Week Off

So it looks like the doctor was right ... well, now I am hoping that he is!

I have been signed off for another week - so that will then be the 3 weeks done.  However if I am not beginning to feel a lot better by the end of the week (3 weeks since I started this) I have to go back to the doctors and have blod tests and x-rays. I am just so thankful that I had the flu jab, at least that has helped me fight off the flu infection and I haven't ended up in hospital.

When I phoned work this morning to let them know I had to listen to the switchboard speach that due to high flu infection rate then people are being requested not to visit their family if they can.  So I found it amusing to hear all the warnings about the infectuion I am working with.

On a fun note, as I am so weak Jiffy's walks have been slower than normal, and he has been lovely at waiting for me to catch up ... seems funny as for some time it has been me waiting for him!  One day last week I actually sat on a wall and he came hurtling over and sat infront of me ... he was so, so sweet.

Oh well - hope everyone else has avoided the bugs.
Take care x
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