Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Friday 5 - Words

Thought I would do this for a change ... may even keep it going this year, we will see

1. How much slang do you use?
I use quite a few phrases that Mum used, so Northamptonshire from the late 20's onwards.  Some of them are automatic to me, but some I re-remember to keep the odd phrases and words going.  I hate that slang etc is becoming generalised.

2. What are your favorite words?
I have never really thought about it, however when we were kids I remember one of my brothers saying how much he loved the word "shrubbery"!!

3. How much do you curse?
To say I don't curse is true ... and a lie.
If I am annoyed with myself I will tell myself off, by calling (my full name) a twit.  I tend to say "blow", but that is as bad as it will get.

4. What makes a great conversation?
One that moves and jumps around ... so that stories often get forgotten half way through, etc.  But it just shows a great relationship.

5. How often do you have "deep discussions?"
I am always happy to have a deep discussion, but as I have very definate thoughts about most things that I let conversations be led by others.  Very few people actually want a deep discussion, and I don't want to hurt people.
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